Capita Travis Parker’s Texas Snowboard 154

Capita Travis Parker's Texas Snowboard 154

Capita Travis Parker’s Texas Snowboard 154

SALE $289.95

Travis Parker IS Texas in Snowboarding Circles. Texas has been called his own private oasis called (naturally) “Travis Parker’s Texas.”  Travis snowboards in other places of course, using his Texas Snowboard 154 in all terrain mischief madness, all over whatever mountain he claims that day.  Travis is famou the world over, and now you can own one of his personalized snowboards and let folks know you love TEXAS too.

Key Features of the Capita Travis Parker’s Texas 154cm Snowboard:

  • Directional all-terrain freestyle
  • Sidewall construction
  • Progressive sidecut
  • Varied flex
  • DS + ENT – Entrapped AIRcore
  • Special blend pre-preg fiberglass – Triaxial glass on base with carbon beams for maximum torsional rigidity and edge hold. Biax glass on the top to provide park perfect longitudinal and torsional flex
  • Carbon Kevlar RV reinforcements – Increase the overall snap and response
  • 4×2 inserts
  • Sintered 4000 speed base – Fast, durable, wax absorbing
  • Screened metallic topsheet graphics
  • Full wrap around steel edges
  • Sidewall graphics
  • Eff.edge (cm): 121.0
  • Waist (cm): 25.0
  • Nose/Tail (cm): 29.40
  • Sidecut (m): 9.9/6.1/9.3

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